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Key Notes


Why I quit my full time job during a global pandemic

Learn the thinking process that allowed Chijioke to leave the safety of his job to pursue his entrepreneurial passions

Armouring the mind in an age of social media negativity

Learn why Chijioke co-founded a business that focuses on empowering people's mindsets

From school exclusions to an elite university

Learn how Chijioke broke free from three exclusions between the ages of 12 to 13, to graduating with a MSc from the London School of Economics

Entrepreneurship as a means of economic racial equity

Learn why Chijioke is passionate about entrepreneurship and his beliefs of why it can be used to redistribute wealth amongst black people

Under-utilised urban space as a solution to the affordable housing crisis

Learn why most global cities have the spatial resources to provide affordable housing & some methods it can be done


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The Politics of Urban Technology

Learn how urban technologies can be used to make cities more equitable

21st Century Black Male Leadership 

Learn about a variety of contemporary black male leaders & how one can create a social impact campaign


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