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Recent Projects

What is Chijioke currently up to?

Mental Savage Book Club (a MindSaver brand)

Mental Savage Book Club is a digital mental strength community created to help people conquer their minds. 

The current iteration is an Entrepreneur's Accountability Club, which focuses on providing online entrepreneurs with the mental tools through non-fiction reading to develop themselves as individuals which we strongly believe will further develop them as entrepreneurs. We are currently beta testing, click here if you'd like to join.

[August 2020 - ongoing]


Chijioke helps small businesses as a product manager, project management and has a focus on using intuitive technology to streamline company processes and operations. To enquire please email your project requirements to Chijioke here with the headline 'Freelance Enquiry'. [August 2020 - ongoing]

Stride Partnership Board Member

Helping Stride (formally know as South London innovation corridor) to allocate their funds to projects targeted towards young people across the 4 partnership Boroughs (Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Wandsworth). [December 2020 - ongoing]

Stride x London Tech Week

Chijioke is partnering with Stride (formally known as South London Innovation Corridor) to deliver a range of content from reverse mentoring, to panel discussion for London Tech Week (7-11th September 2020). Chijioke will be at the Empowering Inclusive Leadership 4-5pm on September 10th 2020. Sign up for tickets here. [September 2020]


Abodely (formally known as AltUrban) are on a mission to make use of under utilised urban space to ultimately create affordable housing. [June 2019 to August 2020]

Projects: Welcome
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